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I’ll admit, unlike most folks when it comes to drinking enough water during the day (while I’m at work) I generally don’t have much of an issue. We have a Point of Use (POU) water cooler that is conveniently located just outside my office.  The water is nicely chilled, it’s good to get up and stroll over there to fill my cup, it’s free, and best of all it tastes great and I swear it keeps me alert.

Turns out that feeling alert might actually be due to the water (as I claim), and not the getting out of my desk to walk there (though, I am sure that plays a part too!)  I will admit, finding experiments/trials that support my life hypothesises make me feel better about my self. The studies currently being done that support people being genetic “morning” or “evening” people – which supports my claim that I am simply unable to make myself a morning person is one of them.  However, so is this water study.  I found this piece in the publication Business Cornwell, titled “Water boosts productivity” written by Editorial director Nick Eyriey.

“A trial organised by a south west water company to test the benefits of drinking eight glasses of water a day has found that 80% of participants enjoyed higher productivity levels. […]The results from the project, which aimed to test if drinking eight glasses of water per day does have a positive impact on business, found that 60% of participants felt ‘happier’ and ‘better’ 40% recorded that their sleep had improved, while 80% enjoyed a productivity score of four out of five after drinking eight glasses of water a day.”

I believe it. While I am not certain I am drinking exactly 8 glasses a day (my nifty plastic purple cup is definitely larger than a regular 8 oz glass) I do feel more sluggish on days when I forget to refill my cup every time it is empty. I have found over the last few months that merely having a glass of water on my desk means I drink more – whether I am sipping out of boredom or not, who cares?  So here’s a challenge – have water with you. Sip at it. I bet you’ll be surprised at how much more you’ll drink, how less often you’ll snack (don’t worry I am in the process of finding a study supporting that hypothesis of mine too) and how much better you’ll feel. Cheers!
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