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Product Details
Ozone Colorimeter Kit DC1500 [LaMotte]

Ozone Colorimeter Kit DC1500 [LaMotte]

Ozone Colorimeter Kit DC1500 [LaMotte]
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This Indigo Trisfulonate method includes a step to eliminate chlorine interference. Manganese at any level will interfere.

Method: Indigo Trisulfonate Colorimeter

Number of Tests: 100 Tests

Note: Kit may vary from picture.

Range: 0-0.4ppm/0.04ppm O₃


15 mL Chlorine Inhibitor

250 mL *Ozone Buffer

30 mL Indigo Blue Stock Solution

1 Bottle, HR Reagent, amber glass

1 Sampling Apparatus

1 Pipet, transfer, 1.0 mL

1 Pipet, 5 mL, glass volumetric

1 Pipet Pump, 10 mL

1 Graduated Cylinder, 50 mL, glass

1 Colorimeter Tube, w/cap

1 1200 Colorimeter for Ozone

Reagents marked with a * are considered to be potential health hazards.


  • Field & Lab Use: An optional AC adapter (Order Code 1726) is available to save battery life when in the laboratory.

  • Large Display: The large 3 digit display presents measurements in absorbance, and indicates low battery warnings.

  • RS-232 Interface: An RS-232 port is provided to interface with a datalogger or computer. Optional cable available, Order Code 1772.

  • European CE Mark: The 1200 has been independently tested and has earned the European CE Mark of compliance for electromagnetic compatibility and safety.

  • EPA Compliant: Employing the proper wavelength and the DPD test method, the 1200 Chlorine Colorimeter Kit meets or exceeds EPA design specifications for NPDWR and NPDES chlorine monitoring programs (EPA 330.5).

  • 0-4 ppm Chlorine: No need to select a low or high range. The 1200 covers the entire critical chlorine range of 0-4 ppm with a 0.05 sensitivity.

  • A Great Value: Complete, economical package! The 1200 Chlorine Colorimeter Kit comes with enough tablets for 100 tests or liquid reagents for 140 tests, six sample vials with screw caps, instruction manual, and sturdy carrying case. * Water Resistant Design: Designed with excessive exposure to moisture in mind, the 1200 colorimeters deliver trouble-free performance in the field and lab.

  • Improved Accuracy: The microprocessor enables the factory programmed calibrations to optimally match non-linear curves.

  • Auto-Zero: Simply insert the sample blank and press the zero key. No more dialing in the zero.

  • Hinged Light Cover: Flip-top lid over sample chamber prevents any stray light, especially in the field, and avoids misplacing separate light caps.


  • Instrument Type: Single wavelength, direct-reading colorimeter
  • Display:  3-1/2 digit LCD
  • Photometric Precision:     ±0.001 Absorbance Unit
  • Detector:  Silicon Photodiode
  • Sample Chamber:  Accept 25mm flat-bottomed glass vials with screw caps
  • Light Source:  LED
  • Interface:  RS-232 serial interface, 8 pin mDIN, 9600b, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity
  • Power:  Battery Operation: Alkaline 9-volt DC battery

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