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Product Details
Alkalinity, P & T Test Kit [LaMotte]

Alkalinity, P & T Test Kit [LaMotte]

Alkalinity, P & T Test Kit [LaMotte]
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Kit uses titrations with standard acid to the phenolphthalein (P) and/or total (T) alkalinity endpoint. The mixed indicator, BCG-MR, is used for total alkalinity determinations. All results are expressed as CaCO₃. To convert results to Na₂O, multiply answer/result by 0.62.

Number of Tests: 50 Tests

Method: P & T Alkalinity Direct Reading Titrator

Range: 0-200 ppm/4 pp, as CaCO₃

What's Included:

QUANTITY            CONTENTS                                                CODE
100                       Phenolphthalein Tablets                          T-2246-J
100                       BCG-MR Indicator Tablets                       T-2311-J
60 mL                    *Alkalinity Titration Reagent B               *4493DR-H
1                           Test Tube, 5-10-15 mL, glass, w/cap     0778
1                           Direct Reading Titrator, 0-200 Range      0382
1                           Instructions

Reagents marked with an * are considered to be potential health hazards. 

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