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Pond Water Tour [Lamotte]

Pond Water Tour [Lamotte]

Pond Water Tour [Lamotte]
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Grades 4-8

The Pondwater Tour is a great introduction into the study and measurement of changes in the water quality of a lake, stream, pond, aquarium, or even a fish bowl. Each student on the Pondwater Tour conducts water quality tests for pH, dissolved oxygen, nitrate, and ammonia using safe, simple TesTabs® reagent tablets.

Students test variables and investigate natural processes that create changes in water quality over time. Tablets and sample test bags for 50 students.

Cirriculum Outline:



DISCUSSION: “Pondwater” really means: surface water

HANDOUT: Pond Cycles Drawing

DISCUSSION: Dissolved Materials/Suspended Materials,

pH DISCUSSION: Cycles: gases, nutrients

HANDOUT: Research Contract

GAME: Pollution Maze


Adopt a “Pond”

DISCUSSION: Maps, the watershed concept

ACTIVITY: Use or draw map, visit, video, observe (plants, animals, human activities in watershed).

HANDOUT: Pond Cycles/Pollution Work Sheet

ACTIVITY: Each student sketches on individual handout, consolidate into large poster or chalk board in class.

ACTIVITY: Collect water for classroom experiments (8L )

GAME: Land Use Matching Game


Create Classroom “Mini-ponds”

DISCUSSION: Demonstrating and measuring cause and effect

ACTIVITY: Using fish tanks or other clear plastic 1-liter containers, set up experiments.

HANDOUT: Experiment Setup Worksheets

DISCUSSION: Control sample vs. variable samples

DISCUSSION: Variables: plants, plants in dark, animals (goldfish), nutrients


Methods: Getting Data

DISCUSSION: Review procedure with students.

HANDOUT: Group Data Sheets

ACTIVITY: Each group measures each factor for its sample, once upon set-up, and again each day for several days.

GAME: Crossword


Analyzing Results

DISCUSSION: Guide for helping students analyze their results - questions to ask and answer

ACTIVITY: Group Research

HANDOUT: Conclusion Work Sheet

GAME: Frog Folding


Water Quality Factors

REFERENCE MATERIAL: background information to help interpret results

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