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Oxygen, Dissolved (DO) Test Kit - Liquid Acid Version [LaMotte]

Oxygen, Dissolved (DO) Test Kit - Liquid Acid Version [LaMotte]

Oxygen, Dissolved (DO) Test Kit - Liquid Acid Version [LaMotte]
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Now with a new hinged carrying case!  (May not be exactly as pictured)

Modified iodometric titration whereby oxygen in the presence of a strong alkali oxidizes manganese – which in turn reacts with iodide to form iodine. This is then titrated with a standard thiosulfate solution, in the presence of a starch indicator in order to enhance the endpoint. *Azide eliminates nirite interference.

Method: All liquid reagents
Direct Reading Titrator

Number of Tests: 50 Tests

Range: 0-10 ppm/0.2 ppm O₂


30 mL *Manganous Sulfate Solution

30 mL *Alkaline Potassium Iodide Azide

30 mL *Sulfuric Acid, 1:1

60 mL *Sodium Thiosulfate, 0.025N

30 mL Starch Indicator Solution

1 Direct Reading Titrator, 0 - 10

1 Titration Tube, 20 mL, w/cap

1 Bottle, Water Sampling, 60 mL, glass

Reagents marked with a * are considered hazardous substances.

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