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Product Details
TDS 1000 Calibration Solution [HM Digital]

TDS 1000 Calibration Solution [HM Digital]

TDS 1000 Calibration Solution [HM Digital]
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In order to achieve optimal performance, take time to re-calibrate your meters periodically. Be sure to re-calibrate for best results especially if testing TDS or conductivity levels in wide or different ranges.

· NaCl calibration solution, available in 342 ppm or 1000 ppm.
· Comes in lightweight HDPE plastic bottles.
· Sealed with a coated foam liner.

· NaCl solution
· Available in 342 ppm or 1000 ppm
· 3 oz. bottles (88.7 ml)
Solution Conversions
342 NaCl = 
362 as KCl ; 478 as "442" ; 700 µS 

1000 NaCl = 
1060 as KCl ; 1450 as "442" ; 2000 µS

Benefits of HM Digital's TDS/EC Calibration Solutions
1. Laboratory quality NIST-traceable solutions
2. Solutions list alternate composition equivalents on the bottle labels.
3. Bottles are a convenient 3 oz. (88 ml) size - neither too big nor too small.
4. Bottles have a convenient wide mouth, allowing a user to simply insert the meter into a stable bottle (much easier to use than a wobbly Mylar pouch).

Additional Notes about TDS/EC Meters and Calibration
For best results, a meter should be calibrated as close as possible to what will be tested.  For example, if the water you are testing is always around 150 ppm, then the meter should be calibrated as close to 150 ppm as possible.
If you are testing a range of values, the meter should be calibrated to the upper third of that range.  For example, if you are testing RO water and tap water, and the RO water is approximately 0-10 ppm and the tap water is typically 400-500 ppm, the meter should be calibrated to approximately 350 ppm.
Calibration is not necessary out of the box.  Typically, with proper care and normal usage, HM Digital TDS and EC meters will retain their calibration for at least a year.

HM Digital calibration solutions have a shelf life of approximately 1 year unopened.
Once opened, calibration solutions have a shelf life of approximately 6 months, if properly stored and not contaminated.
All calibration solutions should be stored in a cool place, out of the heat and sun.

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