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Product Details
Smart Aqua Meter

Smart Aqua Meter

Smart Aqua Meter
SAM-1 hooked up to a smart phone and sensor
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SAM-1 Smart Aqua Meter for your iPhone, iPad and Android Device

The SAM-1 Smart Aqua Meter transforms smartphones or tablets into convenient and powerful pH, ORP, or Conductivity/TDS meters with integral temperature measurement. It plugs into the headphone jack of virtually any smartphone or tablet, and easily connects to Sensorex smart analytical sensors. The free SAM-1 App instantly recognizes the smart sensor and provides an easy-to-use interface for taking measurements and managing data. Readings can be tagged with GPS location and user comments. Stored data can be securely transmitted via email and opens in Excel for analysis and reporting, eliminating data transcription errors.

The SAM-1 can be used in the lab, field or plant for applications ranging from environmental monitoring, aquaculture, and horticulture; to municipal water sampling and wastewater compliance testing; to product quality control. As an educational tool, the SAM-1 provides hands-on experience; students can easily install the App on their personal smart devices and share sensors for experiments. For pool or spa testing and other field technical service, the SAM-1 replaces inaccurate testing kits and bulky instruments.

  • Includes 1 SAM-1 meter only
  • Measures pH, ORP, Conductivity and Temperature
  • Record measurements with time and geographic stamp
  • Sends readings by e-mail (individual or .csv file)
  • Supports 1, 2, 3 or more calibration points
Smart Sensors are sold separately for pH, ORP, Conductivity

SAMA-100 charging cable is recommended when using SAM-1 with Android devices

SAM-1 Smart Aqua Meter Specifications:             
pH Measuring Range:                      0 - 14
mV Measuring Range:                     -1250 to +1250 mV
Conductivity / TDS:                       0 - 5000uS/cm or PPM
Solution Temperature Range:        0 - 100° C
Temperature Sensor Input:           30K NTC
Connector:                                    6-Pin

Check out the YouTube video here for more information:  

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