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What is Water Hardness

Water Hardness is the measurement of dissolved Calcium and Magnesium in water in PPM (Parts Per Million),  GPG (Grains Per Gallon) or GPL (Grains Per Litre). Generally water hardness measuring less than 5 GPG is relatively soft and anything over 15 GPG is considered hard.

Problems With Hard Water:

Hardness is a problem to household plumbing and water using appliances, commercial boilers, and a number of water related processes. As water is heated, Calcium and Magnesium minerals resolidify and form a scale that can build up in plumbing pipes and reduce water flow.  Appliances with scale build up from hard water deposits will operate less efficiently and often require repair.  Water high in calcium and magnesium will lather and clean less effectively and tends to form a scum that sticks to your skin, cloggin pores and leaving you with dry itchy skin that is more prone to irritations. 

 Benefits of Soft Water:

Money Savers:

  • Often far less soap and shampoo is required.
  • More efficiently running, longer lasting appliances with less repairs.


  • Softer skin and shiny hair
  • Cleaning takes less time and effort
  • No more soap scum buildup on tubs and shower walls
  • Softer, brighter laundry

 Ensure your Softener is working properly.  Hardness can be measured by a simple Total Hardness Test Strip or powder or liquid reagents.

Add this item to your customized Quality Water Test Kit.

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